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clear the republican nomination fight will stretch until june, and that is not good news for mitt romney or rick santorum. what will be good news? a win in ohio. the big prize of this night, but as state at this point is too close to call. steve begins our coverage in the capital city of columbus. >> reporter: rick santorum needed to show he can win, and he did on super tuesday appearing early to celebrate victories in oklahoma and tennessee. six wins since january, plus leading tonight in ohio. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, and the south, and we're ready to win across this country. >> reporter: santorum, a fiscal and proud social conservative, can make a new claim of electability. >> we need a person running against president obama who is right on the issues and truthful with the american public. >> reporter: mitt romney had to talk up his uncontested wins in virginia, vermont and at home in massachusetts. >> i'm not going to let you down. i'll get this nomination. >> he had to wait to get all the-important verdict from ohio. >> i stand ready to lead our party and nation to p
on a shadow campaign. >> how a staffer's remark about an etch-a-sketch would erase momentum of the romney campaign. we begin with the case of trayvon martin, a story that continues to attract national interest. >> in this community and others across the country people are demanding justice and expressing outrage with the lack of an arrest in the case. at this hour, a huge march in new york has come to an end with people chanting and singing in trayvon's honor. the city commission in sanford, florida, gave the police chief there a vote of no confidence, adding to pressure for him to resign. a social media campaign urging people nationwide to send skittles candies to the sanford police department. >> all this cuppioming as we le more about the connection. >> reporter: we know george zirmmzir zimmerman grew up in our backyard. he recently returned from sanford, florida. >> if you believe something good is -- >> reporter: pastor jamaal bryant speaks at a church in d.c. after leading marches in sanford, florida, demanding that police arrest george zimmerman for killing trayvon marlin. >> all o
presidential candidate. fresh off a saturday caucus win in washington state, mitt romney picked up an endorsement from house mangt leader eric cantor. the congressman from virginia says romney has the best plan to make america financially strong. >> mitt romney is the only candidate in the race who's put forward a bold pro-growth, pro-jobs plan for the future. you know, a lot of the things that he's talking about in his plan we're working on in the house of representatives. >> cantor says he has no plans to run as romney's vice presidential candidate if romney does indeed get the nomination. the latest nbc marist poll, it shows that romney and rick santorum are neck and neck heading into super tuesday. in ohio santorum is ahead of romney 34% to 32%. with newt gingrich and ron paul trailing. in virginia romney leads ron paul by a huge margin, 69% to 26%. romney and paul are the only two republican candidates that virginia voters will be picking because the other candidates did not gather enough signatures to make it onto that ballot. >>> today marked the 47th anniversary of the 1965
classmates cope. >>> in "decision 2012" mitt romney picked up a key endorsement from tea party favorite, marco rubio announced it on fox news. romney expected to get endorsement from george h.w. bush tomorrow. the support comes as vice president joe biden slammed romney's economic credentials on the campaign trail today. speaking in iowa, biden painted the republican front-runner as someone who does not value manufacturing jobs in the u.s. he blasted romney's record as a business man with bane capital claiming romney shut down american facilities and moved jobs overseas. >> mitt romney has been remarkably consistent. as an investor businessman, as the governor of massachusetts, and i respectfully suggest, consistently wrong. ladies and gentlemen. >> the chair of the republican national committee is dismissing biden's remarks. despite his lagging campaign, newt gingrich set his sights on voters in our area speaking at georgetown university today. tuesday is also primary day here in d.c. and maryland. it was his first speech since dismissing a third of his staff this week. gingrich vowed
is projecting the winner will be mitt romney. romney will likely get a good number of those. we're not sure exactly how many. all attention now turns to super tuesday. ten states are up for grabs this tuesday, including the key swing state of ohio. that's where rick santorum and mitt romney spent the day campaigning. romney, hoping to gain, today picked up a key endorsement from the state's biggest newspaper. now, to secure the nomination, a candidate must earn 1143 delegates on super tuesday. there are 419 delegates up for grabs. that is one-third of the total number needed to clinch the nomination and take on barack obama in the general election in november. still to come on news 4 at 11:00, police in the district trace the source of a 9-1-1 outage. a wild scene after a driver crashes into an area pizza hut. and the story of a high school valedictorian and her fight >>> a driver had a run-in with a pizza hut earlier today in silver spring. it happened around 3:00 along georgia avenue. the crash shattered some windows and doors and sent glass flying. no one was hurt. the windows were board
community. >> mitt romney with a big victory in illinois. we'll report on what that might mean for rick santorum. >> the president lets loose at a ceremony with ireland's prime minister and talks about the other job the first lady was offered. new developments in the trayvon martin case. communities across the country are demanding justice for the teenager shot and killed in florida. there will be several marches and rallies in the coming days including one here in d.c. the boy was shot and killed last month while walking in a gated community in sanford, florida, suburb of orlando. he did not have a weapon. but the man suspected of shooting him, 28-year-old george zimmerman told police he felt threatened and that he acted in self-defense. zimmerman has not been charged. both the justice department and the grand jury are now investigating. and today officials from sanford, florida, were here in washington they say they welcome the scrutiny. >> no parent wants to hear that their son has been killed. we are interested in making sure a thorough investigation has been done. >> first of the m
candidates now how important it is. steve handlesman from columbus, ohio, the toughest fight for mitt romney and rick santorum. here's his report. >> reporter: rick santorum is hungry for a win in ohio. >> it's gut check time. who wants it the most? what do you say? >> reporter: but santorum has lost his lead. mitt romney's coming back in ohio polls. >> i tell you, we've been all over the state from a to z, akron to zanesville. we're happy to be here. >> reporter: ohio is the biggest prize. with an ohio win romney could emerge as the clear front-runner. he focused on jobs. >> if you think this campaign against president obama is about the economy and jobs and government being too big, then i'm the guy you need to nominate. >> reporter: santorum claimed he's the guy whose proven. >> we need someone who had a record and a vision. >> reporter: newt gingrich hope force a triple win not just at home in georgia. >> newt is surgeryiing in tenne and oklahoma. >> reporter: he put up an ad in tennessee. >> the gingrich 250 plan stops the great gas holdup and puts money in your pokts. >> reporter: it's
romney has another win under his belt, picking up all of puerto rico's 20 delegates. still, rick santorum's victories last week have the front-runner on the defensive. and as brian mooar reports, every delegate counts. >> reporter: mitt romney is the projected winner of puerto rico's sunday primary. he walks away with 20 delegates, and that is a critical step toward slowing rick santorum's momentum. romney was on the ground in tuesday's battleground, illinois, and attacking president obama in his own back yard. >> he's an economic lightweight. and he's made decisions that have hurt the american people. it's time to put in place an economic heavyweight, an i.m., and i get that job done. >> reporter: six days before the louisiana primary santorum is hoping to hit another home run by focusing on social issues. >> religious liberty and marriage and the family and life. they're at the core. they can't be ignored. >> santorum, newt gingrich, and ron paul are all trying to drag out the fight and keep romney from winning enough delegates to nail down the nomination. >> we're only at halftime. i t
selection set to begin on april 16. >>> presidential hopeful mitt romney come to maryland. republican candidate for president scheduled to campaign in maryland wednesday. at a townhall at 4:00 p.m., the hometown of former governor robert erhlich. the rest of his schedule not yet announced. maryland's primary schedule ford april 3. for now, romney is focused on an even bigger prize. making his case to voters in illinois. where he is involved in a what's becoming a nasty race with rick santorum. santorum mocked romney for the health care bill that he passed as governor of massachusetts. romney retorted by calling santorum an economic lightweight. illinois will hold its primary tomorrow. it is the sixth biggest contest of the year, and is seen as yet another test of whether romney can maintain his status as a front-runner. >> still ahead, apple comes to washington to argue about $60 billion offshore. >> also, what friends and colleagues say led to the apparent breakdown of an invisible children filmmaker, jason russell. >> skinny mirrors can make most of us look better and how it is used
primaries on tuesday. both governors in those states are endorsing mitt romney. he won wyoming, guam and the virgin islands today. but romney isn't expected to win victories on tuesday. rick santorum is the only candidate with scheduled stops in the south over the next few days. today snoumpl won a large-margin victory in kansas. he attacked romney for saying he never suggested individual mandates in federal health care. >> we already have one president that doesn't tell the truth to the american people. we don't need another nominated by our party to do the same. >> reporter: newt gingrich is counting on a strong showing in mississippi and alabama. ron paul spent the day with voters in kansas but still came in fourth. >>> rick santorum will be on "meet the press" tomorrow and so will virginia governor bob mcdonald and martin o'malley. you can watch it at 10:30 a.m. here on nbc4. >>> the virginia battle is heading to a special session. lawmakers could not reach an agreement. at issue, new amendments from posed by the democrats. they want $450 million in additional spending. 150 milli
.d.s in the store. >>> mitt romney hammered president obama again this evening as he sat down with jay leno for taping of the tonight show. after criticizing the president yesterday for his off mike comments about russian relations, to night romney focused on afghanistan. >> i think it was a mistake to say the date we withdraw, a mistake to say the day we would end combat operations, the president made a mistake in not giving the troops the number of troops necessary for the surge. and believe that we have potential of doing in afghanistan what happened in iraq. >> there were a few lighter moments as well. when asked about rick santorum's outburst towards a reporter, romney said santorum could be his press secretary. the full unts view airs immediately following our broadcast. >>> questions to night about president obama's health care law. and whether it will survive in the supreme court. during arguments today, justices questioned whether congress has the power to require every american to buy health insurance. justice anthony kennedy, considered to be a pivotal vote appeared to express so
over mitt romney. santorum was not in louisiana to celebrate, however. he was in wisconsin today. mitt romney took the weekend off the campaign trail. he still has a sizable lead in the delegate count. early voting is open. you can cast your ballots ahead of the april 3rd primaries as the gop presidential race continues expect to see some of the candidates in our area. mitt romney was in maryland this week. they are expected to campaign there next week. still ahead, "the hunger games" have a huge opening day. was it enough to set a new record? stepping out of the storm center and onto the basketball court. how does he fare against the harlem globetrotters? and could you get all the and c[ male announcer ]he this was how my day began. got my bearings. ♪ a little bird told me about a band. ♪ an old man shared some fish stories. ♪ ooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but i still got to see her. we talked for hours. ♪ everyone else buzzed about the band. music, stories, adventures, memories. ♪ ...all at my fingertips. ♪ there's a wireless mind inside all of us. ♪ so, where to
into the deep south. mitt romney was in the gulf area today. he called the proposed keystone pipeline a no-brainer. both romney and newt gingrich blame the president for an increase in gas prices. a win on tuesday is key for gingrich. he's in third place now despite taking georgia and south carolina. rick santorum hinted that gingrich should bow out. he said the reddest part of the country need as true conservative. >> you go out and deliver a conservative victory for us on tuesday. this race will become a two-person race. >> the presidential race is still a four-man race right now. today ron paul -- his campaign told supporters he is not dropping out, despite not winning a single popular vote. >> some donors to barack obama's reelection campaign got to dine in style tonight alongside the commander in chief and the first lady. the obama campaign held its third dinner with barack obama event tonight at boundary road, a new restaurant on h street in northeast. among the guests, a nonprofit executive, a social worker, an attorney and a retired school administrator. campaign officials say they
including roy blunt, who is a major romney supporter. >> the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception within a relationship between a man and a woman, husband and wife. i'm not going there. >> romney later said he misunderstood the question and he supports the blunt bill because he believes in a conscience exemption for religious institutions and people of faith. all of this comes as we learn romney's win in michigan actually results in a split of delegates with rick santorum, 15 a piece. the republican race should become clearer next tuesday when ten states will hold primaries, including virginia. >>> tomorrow maryland's governor martin o'malley is set to sign the bill that legalizes same sex marriage in maryland. it will not go into effect until january. opponents are working overtime to try to get the issue on the ballot. earlier today, the state board of elections approved petition drafts filed by an organization called the maryland marriage alliance. they need 56,000 signatures to get that issue on the ballot. >>> police in laurel tonight, tryin
santorum. romney continues to pick up key endorsement adding wisconsin con fwressman paul ryan today. >> former president and the entertainer usher stayed a stage tonight. speakers at the opening of the fite annual initiative. ush err is in dc to launch a mentoring program. it aims to help 70 district students learn skills to become leaders. >> still ahead, an incredible view of a tornado thatter to through the town of henriville, indiana. >> the district announcing the winners of a select number of permits to grow medical marijuana. >> and a cool new feature on facebook. >> but first here is another winning megamillion numbers. >> today the city announced who could grow medical marijuana. >> sparking plenty of passion and medical marijuana is coming to dc. >> certainly it is one step closer to making a middle ground. >> only six organizations received a license to grow 95 plants at a time. including hollywood's montel williams. other locations channing street and fen wick street, all are in northeast. >> these are the very best of the best. they have the best security plan. they are
of the mission despite raent anti-american violence. >>> turning to politics now, mitt romney remains the front-runner when it comes to the number of delegates for the republican presidential nomination. after primary wins in mississippi and alabama yesterday, rick santorum is telling conservatives that now is the time to pull together behind his candidacy. newt gingrich is vowing to stay in the race. campaign officials say his strategy is to deny romney a clean win before the gop convention in august. >>> next on news 4:00 at 11:00. a stunning twist. why a convicted killer from our area was allowed to walk out of prison today. plus, a bill to ban smoking in cars with children clears another major hurdle, and that's something women have been told to do every sing okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i
talked about narrowing the gap with mitt romney, while romney focused his attacks on the president's economic record. >> how about that? how about $15.5 trillion passed onto our kids. that's something wrong with obama. >> he said it would take an act of god for rick santorum to get all the delegates i need. i don't know about him, but i believe in acts of god. >> today georgia native newt gingrich says he'll stay in the race regardless of how he does in the deep south on tuesday. >> a new jobs report is good news for obama's campaign. they hired more than a quarter of a million new workers in february. hourly pay also went up. the problem? the unemployment rate remained the same, despite the uptick in jobs. economists predict it will fall below 8% by november. >>> a little chilly out there tonight, doug. >> it's real chilly tonight, jim. yesterday temperatures into the 70s. 74 degrees aat the airport. right now, though, 43 degrees, 31 degrees cooler, and look up to the northwest. only 37 in leesburg, 36 in frederick, 46 in fredericksburg. temperatures continue to go down tonight. i
a great difference, and i thank you very, very much for your support. >> reporter: mitt romney was can paining in the upcoming caucus state of missouri, but on this election day he had his hopes pinned on alabama and mississippi. the former massachusetts governor was hoping a strong showing in the south would not only pump up his strong lead in delegates but send a message that he's unbeatable. newt gingrich who won south carolina and his home state of georgia was the only candidate campaigning in alabama on election day. without a win his path to the nomination seems more like a dead end. >> the reason i stay in this race is about more than right versus left. it's about being smath and understanding the modern world. >> gingrich will fight on to the convention in tampa. but right now surviving the showdown ♪ deep south counts. romney and santorum are getting ready to campaign in puerto rico, which holds its primary on sunday. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> federal prosecutors sent out a flurry of subpoenas today in d.c.'s ongoing scandal over allegations of campaign corrupti
delegates up for grabs in tomorrow's primary. mitt romney was in san juan for a rally before heading to illinois ahead of tuesday's primary there. meanwhile rick santorum was in missouri where a caucus was held but the caucus results won't be release ed until the state convention. >>> a major milestone tonight for maryland senator barbaramy cull s mikulski. the democrat was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 197 f and moved to the u.s. senate in 1986. she still has more than four years left on her current term. senator mikulski will be honored by her colleagues on the u.s. senate floor in wednesday. >>> coming up a real life drama. masked men rob an entire movie theater in arlington. >>> plus we'll tell you where a business is trying to fill 900 jobs locally. and the d.c. bar where president [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple
delegates are at stake on super tuesday. mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich in the swing state of ohio tomorrow where no candidate has an advantage. gingrich was in his home state of georgia today. washington state holds caucuses tomorrow but no delegates are up for grabs there. >>> production on the chevy volt is coming to a halt. 1,300 general motors employees will be furloughed. the work stoppage is set to begin this month. gm is halting production of the volt because there weren't enough people buying them. >>> tonight police at philadelphia international airport are trying to find ways to make the airport more secure after a suspected drunk driver went speeding up and down the run ways that forced a flight to abort a landing. the driver gained access by driving his jeep through the perimeter fencing. >> it could have been a disaster of epic proportion had it been someone with malinsdpent had a connection to terrorism. >> the 24-year-old driver is facing dui, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest charges. >>> still ahead tonight, gucci, uggs, coach, the bust. the speci
. politicians, mitt romney and rick santorum are calling martin's death a tragedy so is president obama who talked about how the case is affecting him personally. >> and when i think about this boy, i think about my own kids. you know if i had a son he would look like trayvon. >> congress showed their support for trayvon and his family. on the steps of the capitol hill. live at freedom plaza, with more on that. >> reporter: thousand expected to converge on freedom plaza tomorrow between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., paying tribute to trayvon martin. some demanding justice. people we walked to said they want to see justice for trayvon martin. >> what do we want? >> jis tustice. >> reporter: they're angry and fed up. that george zimmerman is a free man after fatally shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin, a month ago in sanford, florida. this man says the teen was racially profiled and murdered. >> george zimmerman got it wrong when he stereotyped trayvon martin the he comes from a good family. he was innocent. passing through a gated community. >> reporter: walking back to his dad's house from a convenie
leading the gop race to unseat president obama are abeing ttacking him on his surf. romney and santorum both campaigned in illinois. newt gingrich spent the day campaigning in new orleans. louisiana is the next red state to hold a presidential contest, but it's still more than a week away. the republicans are also fighting for votes in puerto rico which holds its primary on sunday. >>> prince george's county executive baker is pushing hard to get a casino in the county. today in annapolis, he testified before a house committee. he says his county and the state would benefit greatly from a major gambling facility. under consideration, a slots parlor at rosecroft raceway or a full-fledged ka seen flcasino a arbor. >> a very nice facility that will attract people not only in the washington region but worldwide. >> among those against the idea is a company with a bid to build a slots parlor up in baltimore. the company says the facility in prince george's county would steal some of its customers. >>> well, new casino or not, maryland's new slot machines are going to cost the state millions
their primaries today. in alabama 47 delegates up for grabs. naets where mitt romney spent the day alongside comedian jeff foxworthy. rick santorum spent his day in both states. in mississippi he and newt gingrich addressed the crowd at the gulf coast energy summit hoping to secure the 37 delegates up for grabs there. >> we want to make sure we have a candidate to go up against president obama to make the case about energy and our future, who can draw a sharp contrast. >> nare ideologically commit fod faintcy plan. if you read the president's agency speeches he's in couucko land. >> almost two-thirds of the people disapprove the way the president has handled the price increase at the pump. >>> a small sense of normalcy is returning to parts of kentucky ravaged by tornadoes earlier in month. students in menefee county headed back to school today. the ef-3 killed six people and destroyed the the homes of more than 600 others. >>> next at 11:00, a scare in the air today leads to an emergency landing at dulles. >>> up in smoke. they're trying to find what sporked a massive fire. >>> the makers o
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23